Mr Rafique Bhatti | Hajj 2012

“In the year 2005, our son turned 18 years old and my wife had asked our son to take her to hajj. We were completely oblivious in finding an honest and trustworthy person for who my wife and son can go with as we had heard so many horror stories. My son asked me for my guidance and so I asked a local travel agent, Mehboob Travel, if they were aware of anything/anything. Mr Mehboob had just scribbled a name, Haji Ikram, and a telephone number and told me to do my own research. I thought to myself, ‘oh well, it’s not a recommendation, but at least it’s a start’. I went home and made that very important phone call and couple of days later I met with Haji Ikram. My first impression of Haji Ikram sb was just about all I needed. His openness, humbleness, excellent behavior and genuine kindness had changed my opinion of hajj and I had decided that I would escort my wife and son to hajj that year. Haji Ikram sb had made every effort possible in a kind and honest way so that one get’s the most out of there hajj. I had enjoyed my experience so much that I returned to Haji Ikram sb every year since then with other members of my family as I was aware I would get the full satisfaction of hajj only with Haji Ikram sb. His good nature has made me addicted to hajj, he has change my and family’s life and I will continue to perform hajj with Haji Ikram sb up until I’ll have strength in my legs. I will strongly recommend hajj with Sky High Travel without any fear to anyone. They are the most trustworthy hajj service with guaranteed 100% satisfaction.”

Dr Imran Sarfraz | Hamilton (Glasgow) | Hajj 2012

“JAZAKALLAH … may many thanks to you who helped me and my wife to perform MASHALLAH HAJ fareeza this year.
Your company has been true to its words from the very begining and ALHAMDULILLAH we got everything as we were told. So i am a very satisfied customer.
The answers to your questions are;
– Your company was recommended to me by my friend Dr Shahbaz Mirza who MASHALLAH performed HAJ last year
– I got all the services as described in the package
– I will definitely recommend your company to others
– INSHALLAH i will contact you when ALLAH will organise another HAJ for me”

Anwer Piracha | Hajj 2012

“When we started searching for which operator to choose, we came across Sky High who are ministry of hajj ( Saudi Arabia ) approved license operator.
He is among very few who are honest, trustworthy and honour their commitment and true to his words. He didn’t oversell his package, which I appreciated. He took care of us as if we were his family and we find that he genuinely cares for the people he caters.
His arrangement in Makkah was best possible choice, within walking distance to haram allowing us to offer all prayers in harram without any location difficulty. Food at hotel was very reasonable and allowed us to avoid queues which was an advantage to save time for prayers and also avoiding hastle.
5 days of Hajj ( stay in mina , muzdalifa , Arafah , ) It was amazing experience we had in Ikram sahab supervision and his assistance. We extremely recommend Sky high- Hajji Ikram sahab.

People should remember hajj is not a holiday. We make soo much effort to earn, please people , strive to achieve best in life. Hajj is a Journey of lifetime , it is responsibility of every individual to do necessary preparation before going on Hajj what is expected of them. a person should do as sum Ibadat as possible, be patience above all.
I thank Ikram sahab for being so caring and helpful.”

Mansur | Scotland

Thank you sky high for your incredible and reliable service year after year. My 1st hajj in 2007 was a daunting experience but you made it an amazing experience. So much so that I have returned with you year after year since then. I have also recommended sky high to other family members who equally enjoyed their experience. You provide everything you promise too and in a friendly and supportive way. I look forward to many more haj with you inshallah”

Mr & Mrs Rashid | Luton

” Thank you Haji Ikram sb. for all your personal attention, care, guidance and fantastic arrangement throughout the Hajj. We will use your services again inshallah and will recommend you to our friends and family.”

Mohammed Hussain | Blackburn | Hajj 2011

“Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmat Ullahi wa barakaatoh,
An excellent Hajj experience with a company that has tailored its packages accordingly with customers needs and requirements. The first time I went was an eye opening experience and I believe it was made as much by the excellent service provided by Hajji Ikram. This is so much so that I will be in shaa Allah going for the 5th time. ”

Iqbal Khan, London | Hajj 2011

“Sorry for getting back to you late, have been so busy, I travelled with your group in 1992 and now in 2011, and mashahallah Hajj has changed so much. It has become alot easier and the saudi authorities have done alot of work to make it easier for hujjaj since the last decade. I can honestly say, the service I received was excellent the atmosphere in mina and arafat was priceless, no VIP package could match that. The hotels were close by especially in madinah only a few minutes away from the masjid. Thank you very much for all your help haji sahib and I will definately be recommeding your group to family. If I had the oppurtunity of travelling on Hajj with your group every year I would! Jazakallah again for everything.”